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I am a dreamer and an artist to the core. I live in my creative brain every moment. This is great news being I am a photographer and blogger, but truthfully it stops me from being present in reality pretty often. I love being a dreamer, but when it comes to living life successfully, this is my biggest obstacle. As early as kindergarten, my teachers would tell my parents “she’s so bright, she plays nice with others, shes so creative, but she just doesn’t stop humming, drawing and day dreaming.” The teachers would be speaking… I would hum, draw or stare out the window, dazed. I was never trying to be defiant, my dream world was just so comfortable. It has taken a lot to pop that bubble. Day dreaming and creativity seem to be the my safety net in life and to break free of that has been a challenge as an adult. It affects me at home with my neatness and organization skills, it affects my concentration with work, it affects my ability to be present in my relationships at times because my wheels never stop turning, and even worse it works against me and counteracts my creativity because my brain is on overload and goes into what I like to call my “stupid mode”. I legitimately become filled with anxiety, fear and sadness at times, so intensely that it eats me up. It’s only when I stop back and take a look at the mess around me that I’m able to see how much of “living”, has been neglected.

My heart and soul is in creating pretty much anything. These outlets are my saving grace, but what happens when these things actually cause counter productive behavior and feelings of temporary psychosis? Well, if you’re anything like me, then these next tips are things that helped me have a major turn around in just a few short days. My life is infinitely feeling lighter, more peaceful and centered.

Do the little tasks first. Sometimes its hard to tackle that huge thing you don’t want to do because, well, theres 20 other little things that need to get done first. If you have put off those little things and they have dropped down on your to-do list for the past 2 months, do them… NOW! Like, seriously, stop reading this and go do it. (Just kidding, but you should definitely do it after this article)

Organize your living space. It’s hard to find time to do “normal” stuff, such as stay organized and keep a neat apartment, when I’m juggling 40 hours, plus the other 30 hours when I’m shooting/editing side jobs, plus blogging. THATS A LOT and I don’t even have a family yet! So, the day to day gets put off until the messes pile up and I can’t handle life anymore. There’s a reason my mama always used to tell me if my home is not in order, then it’s a reflection of my soul not being in order, and vice versa. When my surrounding are messy, my insides feel messy. I really underestimated the impact living in an unorganized space could have on my mind until I experienced peace on the other side. The next tip goes hand in hand with this.

Find a home for everything in your home. Even if it means designating a junk drawer. I mean, if it’s really junk then throw it out, but for me I have a bunch of wires, computer and photography related tid bits that need a home. So they sat on my floor in a corner until I finally made the leap and bought myself a desk. Now, I have my tech junk drawer. Another example is my ever growing collection of shoes. When I moved to San Diego, they were all neatly in place on my closet floor, but it wasn’t functional so it stopped working. I bought myself shoe shelves to keep everything in sight and give [almost] every shoe a home. I swear these simple little tasks helped me tremendously to feel more organized even when Im not home.

Clean out your closet (literally and figuratively). On the material end of things, I find that when I’m holding onto old clothing that I don’t need or wear, it actually weighs me down day to day. The exact same goes for the emotional end of things. If I’m holding onto old pain, resentment, fear, worry, then how can I truly show up to this very moment in my life as a free and clear person? I can’t. Thats why I finally went through my closet, cleaned out the clothes I don’t wear and turned it over from winter to summer. Then I sat down and wrote about some stuff that is present inside my soul and talked about it with another person. Boom. The weight was lifted. No coincidences. Which brings me to the next tip.

Face the things you fear most-ASAP. Have that thing in your life that really gives you anxiety? Here’s a little fact of my experience: when I take affirmative action to move through them and just take that first little baby step to completing whatever it is, the scary negative power that I have given it, suddenly dies. Sometimes our head makes the things we fear seem HUGE and way worse than it truly is. Just make a start at whatever the task is and you might be surprised when you become a steam train full speed ahead, unable to stop until its done!

Reduce time spent on social media. This is a tough one for me! Being a photographer and a blogger, I am always on social media looking for inspiration and posting. And lets not forget about the time it takes to create a post, the photos etc. All of my precious free time can easily be gobbled up by this. So I took about 5 days with reduced posting and interaction on social media. I admit, though I wasn’t posting, I was still on there looking around at what everyone was doing, but Im working on it. I see the necessity to spending time with people in my life and not always having to be a voice or a face in the Instagram & Facebook world. Everyone is different in this, since my career is not blogging, I know others devote a lot of time to social media to keep their presence. Totally understandable and no judgement here! This is just what has worked to bring calmness into my life.

Most of these things may come natural to some people, hell you may even be saying “no shit girlfriend, tell me something I don’t know!”, but the reality is that I have now experienced the positivity and light that flows out of doing the simple stuff that I over look daily and only NOW I know. Wether you struggle in these areas or not, I hope you take a piece of what I said with you into life. We can all improve, we just each have different areas of improvement.

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(Photography by Chantel Breanne Photography)

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