Power Color | Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve…Literally

Oddly enough, before ever researching power colors, I always knew blue & teal was it for me. When I see shades of these colors, it literally takes a shape of calmness and confidence inside my soul. People in my life, random strangers, they never fail to comment on blue being “my color”. Weirdly, I have also found that people treat me differently when I wear shades of blue versus other colors. So, I got to thinking… “How much of our psychology as humans is linked to colors and the power they actually have over how we see people, products and how we make our decisions?” Yes, this is just a fraction of the random thoughts that go on in my head. But, seriously, think about it. Companies use specific colors for branding for a reason. Restaurants use red to create feelings of hunger, airlines and hospitals use blue to create trust and confidence, the list goes on for each color.

So, it was no surprise to me when I found out that my actual “power color” really is blue & teal, depending on where Im at in life. (I flip-flop a lot so Im ever changing). I believe in weird things, that’s a given. I suppose this means I believe in symbolism? I mean, I moved across the country to California, and guess what was waiting for me in the new apartment…. Blue walls EVERYWHERE. That may seem like a silly example to you, but I swear this color follows me throughout life. Either way, this is way too interesting for me  to just ignore. Enter, the psychology of color <– click that after you’re done reading this 🙂

For now, have a little fun and take this test to find out your power color <– click!

Now, wear your color in your clothes! I think its so cool that we can evoke feelings and emotions from ourselves and others just by wearing specific clothing. Next time you can’t figure to what to wear for your interview, first date, outfit for a photoshoot, or whatever it is that you’re up to, think about what feeling you’re going for to help guide your decision. I think its a really interesting way to incorporate emotion into our material items. You are what you wear in this case!

Ive always had child like curiosity for [almost] everything, so I constantly question the how’s and why’s of life, which is why this post exists in the first place. But truthfully it was an outfit I recently posted that had quite a few people message me about “blue being my color” that perpetuated this. So, see for yourself below and check out all the details of this adorable outfit. Don’t forget to share your findings on what your power color is, Im sooooo interested to hear about how it has played a role in your life!

Photography by Chantel Breanne1F4A9322 1F4A9238 1F4A9306 1F4A9289 1F4A92821F4A92681F4A9303 1F4A9298 1F4A9260 1F4A9264 1F4A92781F4A92721F4A9294Pom Pom Crop Top & Shorts; Target, DV by Dolce Vita booties; Target, Textured Boho Clutch; Target, Layered Tassel & Stone Necklace; Target, Gold Cat Eye Sunnies; Quay

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